I present ArtLifeRPT Volume I to the world.

I began taking pictures before I learned how to tie my own shoes.  My Uncle Paul was a father figure to me and I always admired his fancy camera.  At the time, I heard rumblings from family members that his photography wasn't the greatest, but I could tell at a young age the joy that photography gave him.  Keep in mind, the cameras I was using were generic disposable cameras that you could get printed out in one hour for a nominal fee, so anything with an actual glass lens garnered my attention.  Sadly, I was never presented the opportunity to become a darkroom junkie with access to master exposures and the whole lot from cameras of the time, but I sure loved running through those disposables because it was a way for me to express my early love for the arts.  Before I could save up and buy a fancy camera, something strange happened.  Fancy cameras started to come bundled into electronic gadgets called cellular phones.  The lines between professional style cameras and cell phone cameras have blurred so much, I can challenge you and see how many pictures on this website you can guess were taken with a dslr or a cell phone.  But I digress.  I say all this to express just how long I have been taking pictures and stock piling them for one day when I would have the time to share them properly.  To know the time was right to make my Uncle Paul proud and show the world how his joy of photography somehow transferred to me and has always been a driving force of my creative expression.  Uncle Paul isn't with us anymore, but I know he has watched over me waiting for that day for me to have a platform, no matter how big or minuscule it may be, to just showcase my love for the art of photography and hopefully help others gain a new love for the arts by bringing a positive energy into their lives.  

Finally, I present ArtLifeRPT, a website geared towards promoting arts locally and globally to ease the process of getting to experience Art, living Life to the fullest, and having the freedom to repeat those experiences by finding what drives you and where your passion lies.  Please take the time to view all collections and if you have any questions, feel free to email me at art.life.rpt@gmail.com.  Thank you and enjoy!

All photos by F. Garcia ©  2017 ArtLifeRPT All rights reserved.

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