rpt (repeat)

by felipe garcia

What does ArtLifeRPT mean?

Greetings to everyone out there in this mad world.  During times like these, I have always found solace losing myself in art.  I believe that art has the ability to inspire and intrigue us in a way like few things in life can.  Whether it is a moment captured in a picture that transports you to that certain place to where you can almost hear the splashing of the waves, or a painting overflowing with passion that evokes emotions within, art allows us to take in the details that the artist captured and gives us the freedom to interpret our own meaning.  Taking a page from art, if we learn to appreciate those little details in everyday life, we can stop, take a deep breath, and exhale all the stress and unnecessary drama that can build up over time.  Therefore, I believe if we experience ART and enjoy LIFE, we can learn to RPT(repeat) and share our wondrous findings with those around us.

After years of traveling and taking pictures crafting my art, I am honored to share a glimpse of my findings from some of my favorite cities I have explored along the way.  I present my original photography and digital art on framed canvas and exclusive premium prints.  Get yours while you can and stay tuned for what's next to come! - Felipe Luis Benito Garcia

About the Artist

An avid traveler, Felipe Luis Benito Garcia has crisscrossed the globe crafting his art as a street and landscape photographer delving into themes of music, street art, and the people of the land. Studying the culture of the locals can be an art form in and of itself, and you are unequivocally transported to that specific moment in time and space captured through his magnificent lens without even needing to dust off your passport.