All photography and digital art photography Ⓒ Felipe Garcia @ArtLifeRPT

Short films made by Felipe Garcia to accompany past art exhibitions. They are in chronological order so you can see my journey from each show to the next.

My digital art is created by blending my original photography and creating something new and unique. Some are more complex than others, but they all come along with random titles. With all the information and digital content available to us by doing a simple online search, I was interested to see what YouTube searches would be like using my artwork titles. 

The first two are the results.

The third video is actually from my most recent art reception, and it shows how international travel has truly inspired me as an artist. I created it with an AI video creator using clips I have recorded and the international videos are actually videos created by an AI feature called Movie Maker on my Google Pixel phones at the time. I had no idea of that feature even existing. It basically registered that I was on vacation and created a compilation of the videos and pictures it thought were the best of what I captured to create a special memory of my trip. I did not even find this out until I was back in the states. Certainly a pleasant surprise, and now I never thought I would be showing the world. Maybe the video can inspire someone out there to travel and experience the world through immersing yourself in other cultures. ArtLifeRPT! 

Last but not least, the bottom video is my first YouTube video podcast interview to discuss my passion and how through my passion I found my purpose. The interview can be found on my good friend Karina Nistal's YouTube page for "Roll Call" Episode 31 ArtLifeRPT.

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